Nothing happens when opening .sketch file

Hi there,
Not sure how to help troubleshoot this, as nothing changes or opens when i attempt to open a .sketch file. Running on latest version of Lunacy 3.13, and on Win10 x64, 32GB ram.

Any ideas?

I dont know for sure, but i think this issue may be because the .sketch file is from a sketch version that is too new. Im not sure from what version it is…

Could you please send me the file that actually causes the problem

Hi Sergey,
I found the problem. For some reason, the sketch file that was provided to me from the designer had an extension that was all caps (.SKETCH), which does not open.

Once i renamed the extension to lowercase, i was able to open the file just fine.

Its great to hear that the issue is resolved! :+1: Thank your for your interest to Lunacy project! :grinning: