Old man needed svg help


I’m new to this so please bare with me.

I’m wanting the image with the winged lions used as a jpeg, you’ll see the image with the green shield is a jpeg but is still of great quality, how can I do this with the svg lions image?

I’m wanting to upload it into my sketch club drawing app so I can colour parts of the image, I’m using iPad pro.

It won’t let me upload my svg image so I’ve attached a jpeg of the lions image I’m talking about.!

I’m sorry for this I just have zero clue and almost 94 years old, Thank you for any help you can give me, I’m happy to email anyone the svg file.


I am not a design pro, but I would be glad to help :slight_smile:

If I understand correctly, you would like to recolor the image with lions in the Sketch Club app. As far as I know, this app supports both SVG and JPEG formats. Would you like to improve the quality of the SVG image before uploading it to Sketch Club? Or was your request related to something else?

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Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

I have a jpeg of a green shield and the quality of that image is great though it’s not an svg the jpeg image does have the same quality of an svg image.

I want the image to look as good as an svg so I can still load it up in sketch club and change a few things, you welcome to email me contactukps@gmail.com

Thanks for your reply.

If you would like to enhance the image and make it look sharper, you can try using our Upscaler AI Image Upscaler – Enlarge Images & Photos Online for Free

I’ve tried it with your picture, and the quality has improved. If you need any help with this tool, just let me know!