Online Web Application Licensing



We have Commercial Web Application that is hosted in the cloud.

We have created an Font that includes some Icons 8 icons. I am a Paid Customer.

Would this type of usage be permitted under the paid licensing agreement?




Hi Glenn!

Yes, the paid license allows you to edit our SVG icons. You can use the edited ones in your commercial apps, no problem with that :slight_smile:


Dear Team

Your Icons are awesome. I am a technology professional and love to use your icons in the Linkedin Articles. It is not for commercial purpose. Can I use your icons in the Linkedin articles. I can give the link in the articles, but my question is if I have to use 20 icons to make a single Image which I will be publishing in Linkedin, in this case shall I need to give all the 20 links or one Lins is enough. what link I should give.


Apologies, I had a typo in my question.

I meant, I have created a font using some icons 8 icons(svg) and some of my own.

Am I able to use this font on my commercial website. I am a paid Icons8 customer.
The site is an analytics platform, that users are required to pay in order to access the platform. But the nature of a font on website, means that it could be downloaded and potentially with effort the paths extracted from the font.

My concern is around this license requirement:

Commercial Use. Licensed Material or Content may not be: exported, shared,
downloaded or uploaded, or otherwise displayed specifically for commercial use
(example: As a Re-seller), nor shall works be distributed, shared, exported, up or
downloaded as a stand-alone file.


No worries, you can create fonts combining our icons with your own ones and use them on your website.

As for the licensing point, we mean that there should be no purposed way to download our icons as stand-alone files from your website (“download” or “save as” button, for example), or something else that can lead to the obvious provision of the original files.

To make sure that you are legally protected, you can put a notification on your website about the restriction or refer to our License directly: to keep your users aware of the Terms of Use.


Of course, you can use our icons in the LinkedIn Articles. You don’t need to link us 20 times, it will be enough to put a general link to our website such as “icons by