Opening in sketch



i have spent a considerable amount of time working on wireframes in Lunacy, with the thought that they Lunacy was actually compatible with Sketch.

Our app developers use Sketch and they are not able to open files that were modified by us in Lunacy.

To be clear: these files were created in Sketch, and then we made changes in Lunacy. We’ve now sent those updated files back to our developers who tried opening them in Sketch, and they keep getting error messages.

Here are the messages:

“The document “filename” could not be opened. The data is not in the correct format.”

“Some problems were detected opening “filename”. Sketch can automatically fix this document, but some information may be lost. We recommend making a backup of your document before continuing.”

For the second error, when we click fix, the file is able to be opened, but nothing is in it.

Any help would be much appreciated!


Please send us the file to




Could you clarify one thing first. Are you able to open the file in Lunacy at all?