OS support in Nginx and Apache

Hello Everyone, I am new here and i don’t know this is right place to ask this question here. I am looking best web server for high traffic based site and I am confused between nginx and apache in terms of OS support. As i know apache security Team exists to provide help and advice to Apache projects on security issues and to coordinate handling security vulnerabilities but I don’t know about nginx. Can anyone know about it. Please suggest me which one is best?

ngnix is the best server.

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Yes, I have also read many blog like this post and clear in my mind i.e both Apache and NGINX are powerful, flexible, and capable. The latest versions of both the servers are competitive in all areas. Deciding which server is best for you is largely a function of evaluating your specific requirements and decide the best option.

Hi, if you are still interested, our devs would vote for NGINX, too.