Outer borders cut during export

In the current version of lunacy (Windows, version 8.6.2), when there is an outer border in an element, the exported asset cuts the outer border. The workaround is to create a slice, but it exports the background as well in the PNG. In the previous version (8.5.x), it was working fine. Attaching the export for reference

Unfortunately, I couldn’t reproduce this issue on my side. I have Win10 and 8.6.2

The border is set to outside mode and the export is in .png

Rectangle 2

Is it okay if I share the source file here (with details removed) and you will be able to inspect?

You can send me it in PMs, I will message you shortly.

Posting the workaround this in the forum for others who might have faced the same issue

We’ll fix this issue in future releases.
Follow thess steps to export your objects without cutting:
1. add an artboard that’s a bit bigger than your object
2. turn Include in export feature OFF
3. place your object on the artboard
4. export your artboard

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