Page showing blank after Lunacy crashed

Hi, I’ve been using lunacy and created a page with numerous lines, text, boxes and icons on it - the page crashed and when I open it again it’s completely blank - however the file size is still the same (suggesting there’s some content in the file) and when I click on the symbols tab it shows the symbols that I put on the page - why can’t I see the page itself? it shows as a blank white page.

(web chat assistant told me to upload file here and raise ticket here also)

Hello! Please send us the whole project to our email:

Hello! We’ve added some texts and images to your project. Just to demo the correct operation of Lunacy. The materials were borrowed from this source:
As you can see, the use of texts and images, and combinations of both works as expected. Please note, that the autosave feature is not yet implemented. At the moment, you have to save each menu item with the use of hotkey Ctrl+S. Here is the ripper link: I’ve sent the project to your email.