Pasting objects and tints used to work better


Many things have been changed and many improvements have been made, but there are a couple of changes that have been made that I do not believe are improvements (at least not for me - maybe others would disagree).

First, I used to love that when I copied an object from one artboard to another, it pasted in the same position as the original on the new artboard. Now, when I paste an object, it pastes to the top left corner of the new artboard (0,0). Then, I have to change the position to make it the same as the original object on the original artboard. I don’t know if there is a way of pasting objects so that they are in the same position as the original, but the normal CTRL+V doesn’t do it any more.

Second, when I first discovered tints, I was super excited. I found that if I had an object with a gradient fill and I made it a group and gave it a tint, then I could make the object have the same type of shades as the original, but with a different base hue. I saved a project that I had done this in, and the next time I opened that project, the groups to which I had applied these tints had changed to solid colours, instead of having gradients, because the way the tints worked had changed or something.
When I originally did the tints, I think I was able to set the tint as “color” or “hue” or “normal” or such (I could be mistaken - this may have been changing the blend mode of the object - I honestly can’t remember exactly how it looked or worked, as I only did it once). I do remember that the setting I used to get the gradient effect I wanted was either “color” or “hue”.Now it seems that you can only change the opacity of the tint. If you change the blend mode of the group, it doesn’t have the same effects as what I found before. I am not able to change the hue of an object, while keeping the shades and tints the same, which is what I really would like to be able to do - and I was able to this perfectly with the tints when I first discovered it. Again, maybe there is a way of doing this that I am unaware of - if so, please let me know!


Hello, thank you for your feedback! The first one is definitely a bug, and we will fix it in the nearest future. As for the issue with tints, may I ask if the file in question was originally created in 5.9 version? Because Sketch only supports solid colors, so we had to get rid of the gradient option.


Thank you for getting back to me!

I am so glad to hear that the pasting thing is going to be changed back - it will definitely make life easier!

In terms of the tints - I honestly have absolutely no idea what version I was using at the time. Lunacy updates automatically without me knowing, and then I just have to go with it lol. I don’t really take much notice of what version it’s on at the time when I’m doing something - I just want to create my graphics. I think it was about a month or 2 ago that I first discovered the tints. The feature may have existed for a while already, but I didn’t even notice it until recently. When I did notice it and tried it out, I was so SO excited about the possibilities it presented. But unfortunately if it can now only support solid colours, those possibilities are very limited from what they were. I have found a workaround for some things by using semitransparent tints to achieve some of what I wanted (like get the same shadow effect on objects of different colours), but It is not nearly as effective or easy to use. But still, just having that option at all has made life easier than it was before when there were no tints at all (or at least when I didn’t know about them lol) - so it’s not a complete disaster. If it were at all possible to bring back the gradient option, that would be great tho!