Pen radius does not scale

First of all, I want to commend the Icons8 team for a fantastic product. I’ve only been using Lunacy for a few days, but the functionality, intuitiveness, and aesthetics are all top-notch. There are very few applications that I really enjoy using and Lunacy has quickly become one of them. Major props to the team!

I was so happy to find that I could apply a radius to sharp corners created with the pen tool. This is a great feature as it is so much faster and easier to create rounded corners compared to creating additional points with the pen tool and futzing with drag handles.

However… the fact that the radius doesn’t scale along with the path is highly unintuitive. If I scale the path larger or smaller, I expect the radius to scale accordingly but the radius remains the same. I hope this is a bug rather than as intended because I can’t imagine anyone creating vector art and not wanting the entire art to scale evenly in size.

Thank you for your appreciation! It’s really flattering to get that kind of feedback :blush:

As for the pen radius issue, I couldn’t find a way to duplicate it. Everything seems to be working fine on our end (see the video below). Could you, please, share a screencast of this problem and state your OS and Lunacy versions?


Your video shows it working as expected, but I still see the problem on my end.

Lunacy 9.2 and 9.1.1
Windows 11

Thanks for sharing the video! In this case, you should use the scale tool: it will allow you to scale parameters along with the size. Here’s how it works:

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Oh cool, I didn’t even know about the Scale tool. I should have watched your first video more closely because that’s what you used there. :man_facepalming:

Thanks for your help!