Photos are weird

Lunacy version: 9.1
OS version: MacOS Ventura 13.4

I’m not sure if you use AI to interpret what the photos are, but the alt texts are wrong for most of the photos. Also, some of them have pretty obvious sexual undertones and other are just…unsettling.
There are some photos of what are clearly couples with completely unrelated and wrong alt texts and one of them is a man wrapped in plastic with the text “Woman getting out of bath”. I’ve added a few of the examples I found just scrolling through them. These are all from the “Collage” category and I didn’t search for anything. I think it’s pretty funny, but you should probably fix that

Skjermbilde 2023-06-12 kl. 13.36.21

Skjermbilde 2023-06-12 kl. 13.38.04

Hi! Thank you for your feedback.

We indeed often use AI to automatically caption photos, but many were captioned and tagged by humans. Due to the large number of images, some incorrectly captioned photos may be missed, but we always look through them and fix those that slipped through.

As for the content itself, that was actually one of the main points of the previous several discussions we had at Icons8. We are already thinking of the solutions to make it better, perhaps Moose (photo-library where the images are taken from) will be transformed into a different project, based around AI.