Pichon Error 407

Hey there,

just downloaded the Icons8 Desktop App (direct download). My credentials were not accepted - Error 407.

Notes: “login credentials” is only for the screenshot :wink:

We use a proxy server in my company - but in the past, the App worked well without any configurations.

What can I do?


Still the same with the App from the Microsoft Store :cry:

Hi! Just to make sure, are you able to log in to the website?

Are you using this version of Pichon?

Hi Elena,

login via website is possible.

Pichon for Windows (direct download - 64bit) Version

Could you please check for updates and install the latest version? If it doesn’t help, we’ll try to find another solution.

Hmmm, just do a direct connection to the internet via mobile hotspot - and it works!

Login and update were successfull.

So, the reason for the failure message is our company proxy.
Need to check the ports (Pichon) for Authentificate and Update and get them to the local IT.

Thanks Elena :wink:

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I’m very glad to hear all is well now! Have a good day :wink: