Pichon for Windows missing Glyph Neue style?

On icons8.com web and Pichon for Mac there is a style called Glyph Neue, but I can’t make this appear in my Windows Pichon (, I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling, deleting the icons db and reinstalling, Windows Store version and direct download version, logging in and logging out…no change, the whole set seems missing.


Thank you for mentioning this. Pichon on Mac is the latest version, while the one on Windows is a bit dated. The icon library updates with a delay, and the Glyph Neue is a new style (oh look, a pun :grin:),thus it is not in the app yet. Expect an update this month, it will be there.


Glyph Neue is a new stlye (oh look, a pun :grin:)

I’m getting addicted to your puns.

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Gotcha - thanks.

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Expect an update this month, it will be there.

This was back in February - how’s it going on the update?

Thank you for reminding us, that definitely is taking more time than expected.
I will get back to you with an update