Pichon worflow/ui improvement + bug

Hi There! I’m old-time icons8 icon kits user, focused on UI/UX design professionally and used classic icons8 app for some time now. I bought new mac lately and updated all apps because of that. I realised that there is no more classic app and I should use Pichon instead.

I’m seeing serious problem of working logic of Pichon. As professional designer I’m always trying to keep style of the project locked, so for every giving project I’m using certain icon packs (for example, Material Outline for small icons and iOS filled for larger.

From my perspective, app will be much more handy if category list will be swapped with styles dropdown, so styles will be much more accessible (it will be easier to quickly run through them), while categories still available if needed.

We are in era of spotlight search, so if I need something specific - I’m using search box, not rolling through categories. It is much easier to just type “animal” if you are looking for animals.

Collections are much more semantically close to styles and should stay where they are.
If I will need to create collection, most probably, I will try to keep all icons stylistically close to each other.

Thanks for reading my 5cents :wink:


Hi Tony,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us!

I agree that it’s not always handy to scroll through categories when you can just type in a search word and find what you need. Also, it’s a thoughtful idea to have the Styles menu next to the Collections. Sounds very logical to me.

I can’t promise we will change it in the near future, but we will definitely consider your idea!

Hey, @tonyavec! Thanks for the feedback.

We are currently working on a similar idea for our web app: style groups will soon appear in the left sidebar instead of categories.

We plan to update the sidebar in Pichon as well soon! Did you mean something like that?


Hello, @Ilnur! Yes, right what I wanted to have.
Also, please ping devs about option to change default drag-n-drop format to .svg, somewhere in settings, probably.
I know that .png is more useful for basic use cases like presentation design, but it is no-go zone for any design kit, you know.
Thanks for getting in touch & good luck!

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Sure! I asked the developers to remember the last selected options when drag-n-drop.

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