Please bring back the old overlay feature

The new subicon feature falls short in numerous ways: background padding, sizing, fixed positioning, etc.


The new subicon feature allows you to edit icons the same way as before: you can recolor them, change their position and padding relative to the main icon. Now you can even move both the main icon and the subicon, this option was not available before.

The only option that doesn’t work the same way is a stroke. You can apply it to the main icon only.

Could you share some more details on which effects don’t work for you? A screenshot or a video would help.

Please have a look at the attached icons.


In the old version the sub icon is much bigger and it hides the main icon. Now the sub icon is quite small and has a transparent background, so that its visibility is reduced massively.

It’s also difficult to drag the sub icon with the mouse to the same position repeatedly.

The problem we face is, that if we have to add an overlayed icon to our UIs, it is not possible to match the old look. But even if we replace all overlayed icons, their quality would be much lower than before.


  • sizable sub icon with old size as default
  • possibility to make the background of the sub icon transparent or not
  • possibility to place the sub icon at a defined position
  • style of the sub icon should match the style of the main icon by default

BTW: Thank you for this great icons!


Kerem, thanks for the detailed description!
We have already added your suggestions to our backlog, and will implement them soon. There will be no overlay comeback, but the subicon feature will have all the options you mentioned.

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Agreed! I really wish the subicon feature was re-sizeable. I often find it’s much too small for the media I’m using!


Any updates on this? I’ve created a lot of icons with overlays in the past but am unable to match the style with the new overlay feature. I really don’t feel like creating all icons again.

One of the problems with the new overlays is that the background/padding is white instead of transparent.

Jasper, we have added the option to disable the background:

Do you have any other suggestions? We tried to add all the essential features that I had mentioned earlier in this topic. If you have anything else in mind, let us know.