Please make SVG Inline Free

First icon8 was very fabulous site. It was very user friendly and free to use! But now almost everything in this site needs premium version. It is becoming more and more premium .
Atleast make those SVG created by icon8 free if other developers are selling them.

Hi Shrey!

I’m sorry to see your disappointment.

We haven’t changed our pricing options recently, and all the free icon categories are still free. We don’t plan to change that, I promise :raised_hands:

You may check out the free categories here:

  • Icons from the Popular, Logos and Characters categories are available for free in all formats and sizes (only link attribution is required).

The only difference you may have noticed is that now our icons are divided into two major groups: icons made by our in-house designers and icons created by independent designers. We are a marketplace now, so you can find a larger variety of icons and design styles for any project. The icons created by independent designers are not free in SVG, as we have to pay to their authors. The pricing options for our own icons are just the same as before: free PNGs (up to 100px) and paid SVGs, plus the three categories that are totally free in all formats and sizes.