Please make the prices better again

Hi there! :slight_smile:

I have seen that there is a new pricing structure.
I realize that changes are normal, but are you serious? The price has almost quadrupled.

I know the new pricing change won’t affect existing customers, but… personally, I think the new pricing is too expensive for new customers! I find the change bad, as it is now unaffordable for many users.

After all, I think the users want to have an All-In-One subscription and not individual subscriptions.

I therefore appeal to you: Please bring back the old prices! No customer has requested a price change - the old prices were already high enough!

Thank you in advance.


Hi Guilio!

Thank you for sharing your thoughts about our new pricing!

You think our users want to have an All-In-One subscription and not individual subscriptions. And you’re right. It’s comfy for lots of our subscribers. However, there are lots of our subscribers who asked for individual subscriptions. So we have decided to offer more options for our community. We’re all for diversity in all its meanings.

Yes, as you have mentioned, we keep the same prices for our customers who subscribed before the price change! :heart:

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The huge price difference is really irritating to me too.

We want to subsribe to the API plan. This used to be 100$ for 100.000 requests. All search requests free. Now the price is 250$ for 1.000 downloads and 5.000 “other calls”.

Did I get something wrong here? Maybe I misunderstand the current plans.
This is 250 times (!!) the previous price. And even more - as 5000 search calls might not be enough.

I really appreciate the great support who made us an offer before that change which we can use, however the new prices leave a bitter taste and feeling.

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250x is an eye-popping increase; of course no one would pay that. Moreover, we don’t expect anyone to!


Nobody uses 100k calls but several customers who are already on the custom contracts.

We had:

  • 18 minimum plan customers, mostly low volume
  • 3 high volume, higher price customers


We won’t touch any high volume customers who have custom contracts.

Also, we don’t want to raise the pricing for low volume customers who are either developing a product or looking for a market fit.

We are going to re-negotiate the contracts to those who outgrew the 100k bracket though; these are a couple of clients. They grew significantly these years.

In some cases (freemium products, mostly) we’re willing to significantly lower the pricing. We know how it is, to pay a full price to your suppliers when 90% of your clients don’t pay you.

Why cheap?
It was cheap and unmetered, because it was a proof of concept. Basically, we gave some of the endpoints to those who send us an email. If it didn’t work, it didn’t work.

It didn’t perform fantastically in the financial terms, but neither the service was good. The major problem were occasional downtimes, but also a low level of practically everything: control, reporting, billing — we felt we didn’t do our job well.

What changed?

  • As said before, the number of icons grew over years, from 10k in 2015 to 130k now.
  • We rewrote it all from the old PHP backend with a minimum 200ms delay to the super-fast node backend that generates the icons in the microseconds. The typical response time is 7 ms.
  • We created the self-service control panel.


  1. We had a literally unmetered traffic and a pricing plan to match.
  2. We start differential pricing that makes a little more expensive, but still in hundreds/month range per 90% of our clients.
  3. The value increased significantly.
  4. If you feel your situation is special, talk to us.

I understand you - the personnel, the resources, everything gets more expensive.
Still, I think it’s excessive to multiply costs like that.

I understand you - the personnel, the resources, everything gets more expensive.
Still, I think it’s excessive to multiply costs like that.

Now Icons8 has gone from the probably cheapest product on the same market to the probably most expensive one. That’s too bad.

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Interesting. Maybe we overshot indeed.

Which products do you compare us with?

The high price of Icons8 is why I have left the paid plan to the free plan. It’s simply way to expensive. When I compare your prices to other apps, you’re quite expensive … and a good portion of what I use Icons8 for is to add open source icons to my designs, which are FREE.

I’m ditching Icons8 for IconSet ( ) it’s free and I can add my own icons. There are plenty of free icons you can download … from Bootstrap to Material to thenounceproject com, I can’t justify paying $24 per month for something I can get for free.

You guys need to seriously re-evaluate what you’re charging. Yes, you could charge teams high prices, but for individuals like me, no way. Look at your competitors, you’re at least 2X sometimes 5X what I can get elsewhere:

  • nucleoapp. com/application
  • geticonjar. com/pricing/
  • iconset. io/ (FREE!)

I can only put two links in posts so I had to edit the links, sorry.

Another example of a different icons app that is cheaper than Icons8:

It’s a one-time fee not a monthly/yearly subscription. So, it’s already cheaper right when you buy it and over time it gets cheaper and cheaper than Icons8. I’m just floored that you all think $25/mo is a fair price for icons… Also, for those of you out there looking for alternatives, this is a good list of free icon sets you can use to import into

Just click through each folder, download the repo, find the SVG folder with all the icons and import it into IconSet. Boom! Now you have a FREE replacement for Icons8.

Thanks Ivan8 for your statement.

I’m not searching for the cheapest product out there, we want the best. We want to use the icons8 service to give our customers a great variety of good looking icons and we hope to increase our sales with it.

So far icons8 is perfect for everything we want and need as a business partner

  • great and fast support (here in the forum and especially the live-chat)
  • good icons
  • good performance
  • easy to use API
  • good API documentation and all necessary functions
  • very customer orientated (I make a suggestion and see it implemented in a next version)
  • localized (very important for us and a major point for our decission)
  • no critical legal issues with icons when using them for custom products

So far I’m happy and don’t expect the bitter taste to last very long. And if so, we will talk - thanks for your invitation.


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Most of what you describe are the apps for managing the icons.

We have one, and we offer it for free:

You can add the icons in our Windows version; is it a critical feature? In theory, what we can even make them searchable. It means, we can tag them automatically using our internal tools, pretty much like CDDB does for music. How critical is that?

Also, you mentioned open source — we have

We have a program offering our icons for open source free:
Free for open source

Moreover, we donate cash to open source, a part of our donations is here
Open source donations

Finally, you can use all icons for a link:

I get that the app is free, but you charge for the icons. Many of the icon sets you include are open source or creative commons. You charge for your custom icons, I get that. My point is that other apps also provide custom icons at a price, and their prices are way less than Icons8.

In addition, in evaluating a price, you have to consider what you’re competing against. For me at least, you’re competing against me solving this problem using alternative apps that organize icons and allow you to import icons (including importing Icon8’s free icons).

I was a paying Icons8 customer for both the functionality of the app and for the icons. But I have left b/c of the high price. I have moved to a free app and imported free icons. I now have 92K free icons, nearly as many as Icons8 offers.

So, yeah, I’m describing an app you offer for free. But I have also collected free icon sets that compete with your premium icons. If you step back, what you’re asking is for me to pay $24/mo to get your premium icons when I can continue to collect the tens of thousands of free icons that are as good (sometimes better) than your premium icons.

Here’s my solution:

I’m trying to help you guys understand that I want to pay for Icons8. But, I can’t pay nearly $300/yr for something I can essentially get for free.

@bperdue, so, what’s a fair way to win you back?

Should we:

  1. Lower the price
  2. Include free/open source icons in our Pichon?
  3. Offer more within the free entry?
  4. Other: _____?

Thank you, that was super useful.

We feel that you’re the one who can make our API useful indeed. Thus, we’re literally reading your messages aloud with our backend team.

Also, we’re responding to your messages one by one.

Finally, I appreciate your kindness and positivity. You know how to inspire people!


I appreciate you guys taking the time to listen and respond. To counter what I’m saying, look at IconFinder:

They charge more than Icons8, which I just discovered yesterday. Look, maybe your prices are reasonable for a certain audience … an audience that uses your app more than I do, makes more money from the designs they are working on, or works on a team and is more an enterprise customer that can afford your pricing.

For me, I’m a product manager. I create designs in my day job, but not super frequently. I use Icons8 for my day job, but probably only once or twice a month on average. My company would likely be able to afford a monthly fee to pay for Icons8.

I also do freelance design/dev and create side projects for fun/learning and sometimes profit. In this capacity, I use Icons8 more frequently than my day job and I carefully evaluate every monthly subscription I pay for. Doing so allows me to keep my monthly costs low enough where I don’t have pressure to earn enough revenue to cover my costs.

So, paying $24/mo for my freelance/side projects is a lot. In fact, it would be my largest monthly payment … more than even running individual servers on DigitalOcean that power my apps.

In terms of what I’d like to see from you all, here’s some ideas:

  • allow users of Icons8 app to import their own icon sets. This would make the app immensely more valuable and likely drive more users to purchase the premium icons.
  • provide an “individual” plan for freelancers that is more affordable and keep some of the premium features of the app and the files for the higher paid plans. Perhaps the ability to share icon sets across a team is reserved for the “team” plan (if you allowed importing of custom sets).
  • Make it easier to purchase single icons from within the app. I was a paid user and my subscription ran out. I didn’t want to pay a monthly fee, so I kept using Icons8 in free plan. But, I sometimes am working on a design where I find a premium icon I really want to use. But, I don’t want to have to convert to a full monthly subscription. Instead, I’d like to be able to buy just that icon. Or, like I do with Shutterstock, is I’d like to buy 5 or 10 download credits directly in the Mac app. That gives me the ability to spread out my costs across the projects I work on, and only pay for what I need.

So, those are my idea :slight_smile: Right now, I really like IconSet app because it’s better than Icons8 in 2 important ways:

  1. it allows me to import my own icon sets and organize them however I want.
  2. it has a “hide when dragging” feature that is SOOO useful. Here’s how it works: when you click on an icon and start to drag it, it hides the app so that whatever app(s) are behind it become available. This make it so much easier to drag icons into Sketch. Especially on a laptop screen. Usually, I have to have Icons8 open but only using half the screen so that I can see Sketch on the other half and be able to drag icons to Sketch. This “hide when dragging” feature is so useful and allows me to keep IconSet full screen and see more icons when searching.

Hi! Thank you for your numerous responses.

Personally, I think it would be best if we could go back to the former all-in subscription for $19.90 per month. For my part, the price can also increase to $24.90 or similar for new customers.

But what you did right was that existing customers are not affected by any changes. This should be kept as it is.

For those users who only want icons, you could also create a plan for $9.90 per month.

I think $89 is very exaggerated, so I would wish back the old prices.

Even more changes in the prices, i.e. subdivision into further packages, would only make the subscriptions unclear. I advise against it.

I agree that fewer, more simple plans are better. That said, you have what many would consider different product lines: icons, music, photos, etc. You could offer different pricing between those different product lines to help achieve your goals.

I’ve been looking for a good place to subscribe and spend my money for my projects. I even got the custom permission to use Icons8 in my product. Today I think I’m ready to subscribe $19.90/m your old pricing model (which is simpler and cheaper for tiny designer like me), but unfortunately, I have to change my plans and look for other alternatives.

They should email me about upcoming price changes with limited time promotion, so I can subscribe to the old price, but they don’t. So sad.

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We did! Obviously, not successfully :frowning: I believe, even those who received, ignored it! That was the most boring subject in the history of email.



@bperdue, that’s super inspirational, thank you!

  • Import icon sets — gotcha; that’s useful and long-planned. Will think!

  • Individual plan — I still don’t know why teams should buy several accounts. We limit the licensing, but they could share them just as well under a single account. Our “per user” limitation doesn’t work well here.

  • Single icons purchase — we like the idea; moreover, we did it from Lunacy as an experiment; you can give it a try in the Microsoft Store version. So far it’s not popular and I don’t know why.

Hide while dragging — got it, super useful! I had it in Monosnap and know how useful it is. Will do.