Plugin Integration

I am currently trying to use a plugin called “Anima,” used for Sketch, on the Lunacy platform. I have looked extensively online to see if there is any way to add plugins currently to Lunacy and I read an article on Medium which stated that in July of 2018 there was supposed to be a release of plugin integration for the Lunacy platform.

I am looking for some sort of resolution to this as it is imperative to my current career. Trying to switch over to Lunacy using a Windows computer while being able to work with my Mac counterparts using Sketch and Anima on the OS platform requires the use of the Anima plugin on Lunacy.


Thank you for contacting us! I want to point it out that you’ve misunderstood the article a bit. It is not saying about the integration with the Sketch plugins. But about the implementation of some plugins inside of the Lunacy. This is precisely where we are right now: integrating icons, photos, UI kits, avatars. However, we still consider integration with Sketch plugins at some point. I would highly recommend you to visit this suggest a feature page: The features that get higher scores are implemented first!