PNG export error

PNG export doesn’t work in Lunacy. The export error occurs like the attached file. But the function had worked until very recently.


Could you give me any suggestion about this issue? Thank you.

Can you attach the file via the Upload button, as I didn’t manage to open the one you’ve sent earlier?
You can also use our support email for that, if it’s more convenient to you:
Thank you!

Does the export feature work fine for you now? Or do you still experience any issues with that?

Please remember about the checkbox “Include in export” at the right panel when you are exporting objects with an artboard.
Artboard background color will be included in the result file if the checkbox is on.

To export the whole project follow these simple steps:

  1. click to the free space at the workspace
  2. click “plus” button at the right panel
  3. select your target file type
  4. press the “export” button
  5. select the place to save your results.