Problem when exporting graphics

I noticed that an error occurs when exporting many graphics. When I try to select multiple graphics and set parameters for them, lunacy doesn’t save them all with these properties. In fact, one graphic saves and the other not.

It seems to me that saving the export properties for a group of items does not work correctly.


it looks like this after exporting all to jpeg format. the last graphic has these properties - the others are small and in a different format.

Hi, if the objects are all a part of the group, please select them in a tree (do not select a group itself) and export them after that.
If the objects are a part of a few groups, you can select them using a ctrl key.

If you select a group, a mask or anything similar instead of the objects you need, the program will use their properties.

We’ve also checked it on our end and everything seems to work correctly. If two previous paragraphs don’t help, describe your issue a bit more detailed, please, or send us a fragment of the project, saved with the export settings you use (through a bug report option or our email:
It will help us to fix it as soon as possible.
Thank you!

I sent an email with a video for analysis. The problem persists all the time.