Problem with Lunacy update in Linux

Lunacy version: Lunacy 9.2.1, Snapcraft Edition
OS version: Arch Linux.

Lunacy is incapable of self-updating on Linux. If you use the Snapcraft version of Lunacy - it cannot find the new beta version of Lunacy 9.3 (see screenshot).


If you use the deb package from the official site, the problem is different - Lunacy crashes when trying to update (after clicking the “install” button). It doesn’t matter if you are trying to install a beta version or a new update.

Judging by the logs (I’m attaching the log file below)), the error occurs because GNOME Terminal is not installed on the system (I don’t have it, as my work environment is KDE Plasma).

2023.08.28_15.59.50.txt (4,8 КБ)

After installing GNOME Terminal the situation should be solved, but no, another error occurs! When I click “Install”, the GNOME Terminal window pops up asking for the user’s password, and after entering the password, nothing else happens. I don’t see anything in the logs, attached below:

2023.08.28_16.04.56.txt (2,2 КБ)

I think you need to rework the update system on Linux, because different users use different terminals and not everyone has GNOME Terminal installed. Also, the Arch Linux package manager doesn’t officially support deb or rpm packages, so that could be a problem too. I think you should distribute Lunacy in .tar.gz archive or .AppImage format, so that users of different distributions can easily install your programme in any Linux distribution.

I hope I’ve covered everything in detail.

Perhaps it would be better to only provide a notification of the new version being released in Linux, rather than automatically installing it. Upgrading and installation should be left to the user to perform themselves.

Lunacy is not automatically updated, only when requested by the user. However, the user has no possibility to manually download the new beta version, it is simply not available on the official website, which is very inconvenient. Also, as I said, Lunacy still only comes in a deb package, which is an inconvenience for all people using non-Debian distributions.

I can’t seem to be able to download the latest Beta on Linux lately. The app errors out with the following error in the logs:

14:35:51.260 UpdateChecker Default > Remote version:
14:35:52.698 UpdateChecker Error > HttpRequestException Response status code does not indicate success: 404 (). / at System.Net.Http.HttpResponseMessage.EnsureSuccessStatusCode()
at Lunacy.Services.AppUpdateService.TryDownloadInstallerFileAsync(Boolean manual) in /builds/lunacy/lunacy/Lunacy/Lunacy.UI/Services/AppUpdateService.cs:line 454

And the URL in the Release Notes : goes to a 404


We have uploaded the Lunacy beta for Linux, you should be able to download it now.