Prototype Not Rendering As Designed

I created a mobile app prototype, but unfortunately, it is full of half rendered and missing icons when it goes to view it.

See the video: stephen-razberi

What is up? I am using 8.3.1 and a rather simple prototype.


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Hi Stephen

You haven’t answered my previous question one of the old topics: are you logged into an Icons8 account?
In the meantime, I’ve passed your info to the devs and let you know what they said.

Hi. Sorry. Yes, I am always logged in… that is how I initially did the web project prototype.

Later I saved it as local thinking that might improve things.

I found an interesting thing. Raztered icons (rather than SVG) where not always showing up.

So I quickly created my own via the shapes, grouped them to create my arrows and list icons.

That ended up working in the prototype. Really weird bug.

Now my nav buttons work … but I had to manually create them from triangle and rectangle and circle objects i grouped: [ stephen-razberi](https://See Video of it working)

Now I need to save it back to a web project ?? so that I can share a link for others to see?

Weird bug, I’ve encountered something similar, but that was moved into dev queue.

I’ll ask.

About copying components, it is intended behavior, as per Lunacy 8.3 changelog:

And yes, when you view a local copy, there is a share button in the top-right corner that uploads your project to cloud.

And I should’ve asked this in the beginning, but could you send us your project file?
We also noticed that in one of your artboards the components have the wrong font, if you could share all relevant files, we’d also check why the fonts didn’t update.

Thank you!

Thanks for the awesome support! Y’all rock! :star_struck:

I sent you an email with the project file and more musings.

I love this product and believe in its future. It has saved me TONS of time and does things I could never do before.


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Could you please let me know, what email have you sent the files to? Haven’t received anything yet, it seems.

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my email is

Can you let me know where to send it to. Not thrilled about posting it here publically.