Question on exporting different elements

I am currently using Figma and I am wondering how can I achieve the following:

I have a design file that has one main group that I use for editing, and several frames that include masks so that I can see several shapes of an icon.

The main group has several nested groups, two of the important ones would be the foreground of the icon and the background of the icon.

In Figma, I have three slices, one set in the main group, and one for each of the two nested groups. The slices export only the elements below it (e.g.: the slice in the main group exports everything, the slice in the foreground group exports only the foreground items…).

I would like to export in one go several formats and sizes of these slices, like I do in Figma with just File > Export…

While testing in Lunacy, slices export everything, when I export any of the three slices from my example are identical, not just the elements below.

I also see that if I try the Export Project, only the Frames would be exported.

How should I be doing this in Lunacy?

Thanks for your help.

Hi bloo,

I’m basically trying to solve the same thing – slices exporting only its groups’ contents and batch export. Did you figure this out or it is not possible at the moment?


Unfortunately, I do not have any solution or workaround yet. If you ever discover how to achieve this, kindly share :slight_smile:

Hello, friends!

I am clarifying your questions with the team right now, will get back to you asap.

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@bloo @beho

The team agrees that this is a useful feature to have, so we will be adding it :confetti_ball:
Can’t give you an arrival date though!

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Hey @Georg_icons8,

I was checking the Lunacy Backlog at Lunacy – Free Design Software for Win, Mac, Linux and I do not seem to find this feature, does it have a key (LUN-xxx) to keep an eye?



For some reason this task doesn’t show up in the Online backlog, but it is there in the internal one. The key is LUN-10170 in case it shows up.
As for the progress, design for the export manager has been completed, now the feature itself remains, but it’s not in our top priorities at the moment.

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Thanks for the update, Georg!