Recolor to transparent? (feature request)

I like the cute clipart style (e.g. Editing icons in Cute Clipart style for graphic & UI design) with its pastel colors and rounded edges, but the weird wavy background found on them all makes them distracting for toolbar usage.

I can recolor them to white using the website’s existing Recolor option, which works well on a solid white background, but then when you change the app to a dark theme, the white wavy background sticks out like a sore thumb. In addition to RGB :art:, can you add an option to make selected layers transparent?


(this is a low importance request, because I found the Fluency set to suffice instead, but it would be nice in the future - thanks)

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Thank you for the suggestion, it would certainly be a useful feature.
In the meantime, if you have our free Lunacy tool, you can download an icon you like in .SVG and remove the wavy background there basically in two clicks.
Please note, that if you are a free user .svgs are available for icons only in the Logo, Popular and Characters categories. Users with a subscription have no such restrictions.

Here’s the pencil you used as an example with the background removed :slight_smile: