Request for new functionality: color depth

As a long term user of Pichon for Windows, I have always extra work converting downloaded .ico files to a version with less color depth than the standard one, which in Pichon is always 32bits/alpha. This is very nice, but in my work as a software engineer I am often limited to use only lower color depth icon files, like 24bits or even 16bits.

I would love an extra option with the export function to be able to set the preferred color depth for downloading icons.

So, nothing of a bug here, just a kind request from a happy Pichon user!

Best Regards,

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René, that’s a great suggestion! This export option will definitely be very handy for software engineers like you who are using Pichon. I will discuss your idea with the team, and maybe we’ll be able to come up with something in the future :raised_hands: