[RESOLVED] sometime single click will trigger object drag/move in Lunacy


I’m using the Lunacy app installed from the Windows store, while using, I found sometimes object will start moving even if I am just using a single click, and once the move is done, I also cannot undo the move using the Ctrl+Z shortcut.

Here is a video recorded today that shows the bug I described:

This bug seems very easy to reproduce on two of my Windows 10 PC, both 64bit installation, both from the Windows store. It happens on 6.x and I saw it updated to 7 today but this bug still exists, the video above is recorded using the most recent version (7).

Not sure if any other information is needed for debugging, let me know if you need any extra information about this issue. Lunacy is a great app, it could be even more helpful if this issue can be resolved.

Thank you for making the application!

Hi :slight_smile:

Thank you for such a detailed issue description! Actually, we were not able to reproduce this behavior on our end so far. Could you please try using a different mouse? As this could be the mouse thing, perhaps.

Hi and thanks for the reply.

I did try using my workmate’s mouse but I can still reproduce this issue on my PC, but I cannot reproduce this issue on his PC whatever using my mouse or his mouse, so it’s probably not a mouse issue.

It seems easier to reproduce if my PC is under high load. I can still reproduce this issue but it will be harder to reproduce when my PC (memory/CPU) is not under high load.

I said when that issue happens, the operation also cannot be undone using Ctrl+Z. While continue testing this issue, I found it actually can be undone. The actual behavior is:

  • (trigger the issue, when that happens, the object will be moved with the mouse cursor without holding down the mouse button, the mouse cursor shows a moving icon)
  • Hit ESC, the object will be under the place where the mouse cursor is when I hitting ESC (visually like the move is done), but the mouse cursor is still a moving icon.
  • Click LMB, the mouse cursor will change back to a regular cursor icon. After that, using Ctrl+Z can then undo the move.

Is there any log file or debug build with tracing log level contain all useful information so I can provide it to you?


Update: I found it can be easier to reproduce if I enable the Alt+M suggestion tool.

Hi, thanks again for the details! Yes, we do have a log file. Please do the following:

  1. Reproduce the issue
  2. Close Lunacy
  3. Go to */appdata/local/icons8/lunacy/logs
  4. Copy the file with the latest date and time
  5. Send this file to us: lunacy@icons8.com

And one more thing: do you use any kind of keylogger / Punto switcher / third-party IME / software to display the mouse and keyboard keystrokes while working in Lunacy?

Hi, I did try to reproduce it again and see the log file, it seems the log level isn’t too detail to address the issue I guess, anyway I have send the log file to your given email :slight_smile:

I use a Microsoft first-party IME (Microsoft Pinyin) to input Chinese, this issue still happens when I disable the IME (by switching to EN-US keyboard layout with no IME selected). I also have a tool called AltDrag installed (but configure using the Win key to trigger its action instead of Alt key), the issue still happens if I quit AltDrag. I also have Affinity Designer installed and that application works fine. I haven’t install any other software to display the mouse and keyboard keystrokes, the one shows in that video is Captura’s built-in feature and I only use Captura for recording that issue-reproducing video clip.

Just updated from Lunacy 7 to Lunacy 8 and this issue is finally gone!

I don’t know how to rename the title to mark this as resolved. Anyway. Thanks for the great update!

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