RTL support and Windows display scaling?



A friend and I are developers who’d like to take a shot at designing. We looked for a Sketch alternative for Windows and found Lunacy.

Personally, I’m in love with Lunacy!

The UX is so awesome, makes me wanna be a designer xD
I predict a bright future for this app :wink:

I have only two small issues that prevent me from starting:

  1. Does Lunacy support RTL in text areas? Right now, Hebrew and Arabic letters are reversed (if I write ABC, I would see CBA).

  2. I have display scaling enabled in Windows (set to 125%), and Lunacy’s Artboard is actually 25% wider than I set it to be (about 2400 instead of 1920), which would make my design incorrect I guess. Is it something to be fixed or is it not actually a bug?

Thanks ahead!


Hello, thank you for the positive feedback and great comments/suggestions:

  1. Yes, we plan to implement this feature in some version later on.
  2. Please provide some details on why do you think the artboard should become larger/smaller based on the scaling of your system elements? In Lunacy we made the objects and artboards sizes to be absolute and independent of the system settings.


Hi Sergey,

I meant the opposite – the artboard is physically larger than 1920 when my scaling setting is set to above 100%. And I think like you that it shouldn’t be affected by the system’s settings.

Here’s an example, if you measure the artboard, it’s larger than 375.



Actually, the app is working as expected ))). Any change in system scaling settings for the app does not affect the artboard settings. The artboard is created with the use of absolute values, without taking into account system scaling settings. That is an important point!


Hi Sergey,

This isn’t the case. The system scaling setting DOES affect the artboard’s actual width:


I set my scaling setting to 125%, and took a screenshot to measure the artboard’s width.

Or maybe I didn’t understand you correctly?


Actually, the app is working as expected ))) The pixel sizes are independent of the system scaling. You may test it by exporting an artboard into PNG and checking the properties of the resultant image.