Scrollable prototypes

Hey there,

I`ve just created my first prototype for an web application. Unfortunally the Preview is unusable, because my pages are very high and the prototype is not scrollable.

So I found a guide here: Prototyping
Unfortunaly it is not working for me at latest lunacy-version.

Could please anyone give me an short guide how to create scrollable prototypes in lunacy 7.1?

Many thanks in advance.

Hey there Stefan,

Please, send me the file that you’re having those scrolling issues with here or in my DMs. By the way, what’s your Windows version?

Hey @Alexey,

I am sorry but I am not able to upload files since I am a new user. I tried with a brand new, simple project which is not working too. I am unsing Windows 10. Maybe you can just give me a hint how to archive this normaly in 7.1?

Hello, i Hope the topic is similar with my needs.
From the documentation (scrollable prototyping) only mobile UI works are show, and it seems like the scrolling is just working between differents artboards.
When i work on a single Artboard for a desktop landing page and i need to create (anchor) links between section of my single Page/Artboard with a vertical scrolling, how must i proccess please? Is there available yet on Lunacy to do this please?
NOTE: version 8.0.5

From this screenshot, i need to create a link between the Button in “section-1” which scrool to the “section-3”, like anchors in html with ids.

May I ask you for your OS version, please?

MacOS BigSur (11.3.1)

In order to create a scrollable artboard you first need to create an artboard from a preset (it can be a default one or your own) and then stretch the artboard down.

By the way, here’s a tutorial video that we’ve made which contains a lot of cool tips for Lunacy: Prototyping in Lunacy 6.5+ (for the beginners and non-designers firstly) - YouTube