Scrolling error (arithmetic operation overflow)

I get an error every time I scroll using my mousewheel, and as a result have to drag the scroll bars manually in order to scroll. Using my laptop’s trackpad interestingly does not trigger the error.

The error reads:

"We’re sorry, but something went wrong.

Unexpected error:
Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow."

Any help here would be appreciated - thanks!

Hello, which version of Lunacy you are using? Could you please send us a few screenshots describing the problem or even better a short video. We would appreciate it!

Hi, thanks for the response. I’m using and have uploaded a video below:

Is this problem always reproduced or on some specific file?

It’s always reproduced when I use the mouse wheel to scroll (again, my laptop’s trackpad does not seem to trigger the error). Not sure how relevant, but for context I’m using a Logitech Performance MX mouse - don’t have any special settings or superfast scrolling going on.