Search for Model Series?


I’d like to find all photos for a particular model in Photo Creator so that I can create a series of images to tell a story. When I click on a model, it shows several additional photos below the model, but they’re mixed with other images. Is there a way to select an image, and return a palette of all related images?

Also, if I sign up for the photos plan at $20/month, how much more does it provide in the way of models, backgrounds, and objects? If I purchase a plan, use it in materials for a website, then later revert to a free plan, do I then have to add links to your site? Thanks!


To see all the available photos with the same model please try to do the following:

  • Open the photo with the model you need;
  • Click “Credits” on the right description box;
  • Click the model name:


Thus, you will be able to see all the photos with this particular model (Simon in my example):

This way works for our Photos website, though I’m not sure for the Photo Creator, as this is a collage-making online tool.

Regarding your second question - actually, the number of the assets remains the same, though with the paid plan you will get access to the images in all available formats (large JPG, PNG and PSD) and in high resolution. Also, you won’t have to to put a link to us even after ending your subscription, you will be able to continue using all the downloaded materials on the same terms :slight_smile:


Just wanted to add a bit information that could help you with searching models in Photo Creator :slight_smile:

You can сlick “Recompose” button on the Photos website to open the photo in Photo Creator:

Another way is to search by the model name, typing it In the Photo Creator search bar:

Hope this will help!