Security issue: all documents now upload to cloud by default?!

Lunacy version: 9.3 beta
OS version: Win10, Win7

Yo, what is this nonsense? Bait and switch to spyware?! 9.3beta changelog: " By default, new documents you create in Lunacy are now cloud documents."

I don’t want my stuff on anyone’s cloud unless I explicitly request it. Surely there’s some EU data protection against this? Offline web design software suddenly uploading client files to servers across the world and it is opt-out?

Does purchasing a Pro license disable this anti-feature? I already block Lunacy in my firewall due to how chatty it is over the network.

I had hoped to use Lunacy professionally in a web dev startup I’m working towards, but with shenanigans like this, I’m looking elsewhere.

With the free plan limit of 10 cloud documents, it looks like Lunacy is looking to limit users to 10 documents by default. Not a good change. And only subscription licenses, too, no perpetual ones.


Thank you for speaking your mind, I can see where the concern may come from.

Local functionality is still there, you can create local documents through File → New local document (Ctrl+Shift+N). You can also enable the creation of local documents by default by right-clicking on the + as seen on screenshot below or by checking this option in the File menu.


Please can you enable local documents by default on installation? Lunacy is a useful tool, but if it is likely to default to transmitting/leaking data outside the EU (without complicated HOSTS/firewalls or hidden settings) without clearly indicating that and without user consent or a way of requesting leaked information, it’s not fit for our purposes (and I suspect in violation of GDPR).

Even within the EU, that is unacceptable, as e.g. designing a confidential customer prototype could be leaked before I change the setting, or on a newly setup installation.

As in Figma, documents in Lunacy are saved to cloud by default.

If you need improved privacy and security, you will soon be able to get a dedicated server for Lunacy, we are currently working on this feature. It’s always better to keep sensitive data on-site rather with third-party services, no matter how secure they may be.

Lunacy has European servers, and you should have enabled them by default (you can check that in Help → Region). That way your data will be stored on servers on the territory of EU.
We will review our privacy and security policies again to see if we may improve it. Thanks for bringing it to our attention!