Set max color count for search

Is there a way to limit the search results in an API call to icons with no more than a given color count?
like maxcolorcount=4

I now expect only icons with up to 4 colors. Icons with a gradient should not be included.

If not, is there a way to get only monochromatic pictures or exclude several collections from the search?

That looks like a great feature! We don’t have anything like that at the moment. We will think about how we can implement it, as well as other features you’ve mentioned in another post.

Thank you once again!

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Hi! We will think of adding this filter to our API, but right now, you can specify styles that you prefer for your search. Just separate it with a comma like this: platform=androidL,m_outlined,ios7
Also, you can use this API to check which platform (style) is color and which is monochromic

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Thanks @KonstantinVlasov, this is super usefull. We already use the platform API to get the distinction between monochromatic and colored icons and filtered the search result against that. Adding all interesting platforms already in the search is great and I will implement that right away.

You may add this to the API documentation page.

Just for the record:
The parameter even for multiple platforms seems to be just platform (without the s at the end)


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Thanks, fixed!
Yes, we will update our docs.

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