Shapes of elements changed when saved as a .free file

Lunacy version: 9.5
OS version: Windows 11 pro (23H2 build 22631.3296)

When I saved my design system file, some of the elements shapes have changed. Especially when ellipses were involved they were changed to a rectangle. But some other elements too. Basically this means that I cannot rely on your new file format as it behaves unpredictably. Attached is an example of what the original sketch file was and how the free format ruined it.

Regards DJ

PS: just discovered that the vertical alignment of text is also sometimes not preserved. Some of the elements that are set to align center (vertically) are now aligned at the top. Others are still aligned center. so far I could not find a logical reason why some settings are preserved and others not. (19.1 KB)

Thank you for the report!

This format is new, so some issues may arise here and there. We will look into it asap.

Your report was very helpful, the issue will be fixed in Lunacy 9.6