Shapes out of place after exporting

I’m trying to design a custom box to send customers copies of my book when they buy online, but I can’t do that when Lunacy does this to my graphics when I export, none of the other exported images had this problem (assuming they are actually SVG given how the file size is under 10kb)

Can you send us the original file with the image?

I would if it was an authorized extension

Thanks for pointing that out, you may now upload .svg files.

inside decor

Above is the original file, somewhat chopped off by the frame, when none of my other SVGs turned out this way
pipe logo
logo in green
logo in green
(the last two aren’t showing up, but they appear normally when I look at them on my computer)
I’m running Lunacy version 9.1.1 on windows 10 64-bit and it just stops cooperating in arbitrary ways

So the issue is that the svgs you created look fine inside Lunacy, but once you export them, some of them get cropped randomly?

Can you send us the .sketch file of the project, so we could take a look at how they should look before exporting?

It’s not authorized, but thankfully I was able to solve the problem in less than ideal ways (correcting the resulting SVG in lunacy)