Share-link for people without Lunacy


I used Lunacy a year ago or so. In the old version I was able to push the play button and get a share link.
Now with the current version I have the same possibility with cloud files. So far so nice.
My main purpose for this share link was to present my mockups to my colleagues (which do not have Lunacy installed), now when I open the share link in the browser I’m getting asked if I want to open the file in my locally installed program. This defeats this whole share function for me. I can share a png, but what I really want is to present a whole clickable prototype with different screens.

What do I get wrong here?

Thanks in advance

I thought this only happened to me. The previous “play” button feature was very helpful, i can share the designs with my coworkers more easily. I hope icons8 teams bring back the feature!

Hi there!

The old prototyping preview and sharing were gone with the Sketch cloud. But, the Play button is available and opens a new prototyping preview in your default browser.

The new prototyping preview will get a web sharing feature in one of the future releases.
You could use cloud document sharing, but it asks your teammate/customer to have Lunacy installed to access the shared document.

Kindly return the former cloud sharing features without this Lunacy is no longer an equal to alternative prototyping tools - its basically become an industry standard for all tools to have app-free cloud sharing. This requirement should be pushed forward in your backlogs as its likely a matter of urgency with most of your users.

I totally understand your frustration about us switching from Sketch Cloud to Lunacy Cloud. Sometimes it can be inconvenient to switch from the feature that you’ve used for a while to a new one.

However, we think that this was for the best. First of all, we’ll soon introduce a couple of really cool features like collaborating on a document in real-time. Plus, Lunacy Cloud is a lot less buggy and uses a lot less internet traffic then Sketch Cloud.

We hope that this info will let you give Lunacy Cloud a chance :blush:

As far as I understood the Lunacy Cloud doesn’t provide this feature either, so this issue isn’t about switching or paying, it’s about a removed feature which can’t be replaced.

Do you really think everybody which should see my work needs a lunacy license?
What about external customers? Do they need a license too?

We know that it can be quite inconvenient to use Lunacy Cloud without an option of previewing files outside the app. That’s why we’re already working on making prototype and image previews from Lunacy Cloud in browsers.