Single-purchase vector icons should not be disabled

On April 27, 2015, the amount of $ 250 was paid for a single purchase + one year of updates.
The updates expired in 2016, but I should still have the 2015 icons available.

Icons8 stated in 2015 that for $250 subscription:

  1. All the icons available at the time of purchase will be mine forever
  2. I will be able to use the web app and desktop apps with the purchased icons forever

However, my account shows a "Free Plan”. All vector icons are disabled.
My account should remain “Captain Vector”. Only vector icons updated since 2015 should be disabled.

Is it a single purchase or a subscription?
Do I get to keep the icons I had used?

How can I enable the purchased vector icons in your application?

Hey, I’ve just checked our system and found an account under ******* with an active subscription. May I ask you to check if you’re signing in with this particular Email?

Yes, I have icons8 subscription with the same email address
I had to create another account with the same email for community.icons8 because regular icons8 account did not work for me on community website.
Seems like community and regular service are not connected.

Lina from fixed the issue, so my vector icons are now available in my windows app.

Can you mask my email address or remove it from here completely to protect my security and privacy?

I’m glad that we’ve figured this one out! I’ve removed your email :raised_hands:

Thanks everyone, that was really fast. You have great support teams. :smiley: :+1:

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Hi, after update, Pichon app claims I am on free plan. That is not my license.
I paid $250 in 2015, for existing icons and 1 year of updates

  • “Whatever icons you buy, they are yours forever” - Is it a single purchase or a subscription?
    Now the updated app says I’m running on free plan, which is not rue!
    Please give me back the icons I had before the update