Sizes of Icons should be customisable


In the original app I suggested a way to specific what sizes are prompted when we hit download. This way for each developer/designer which has different use applications can have their “favorite” sizes suggested each time.

I see when you specify the custom size on the end it remembers that size, but realistically it would be good to specify what the default sizes are, so be able to customize all the default sizes.

Then from there the ability to say Download All Sizes so it could give you a download of 16px, 24px, 32px, 48px (for a windows app for example).


So, it should store your custom sizes? Like this? image


I would like to see the sizes customised for the levels. Maybe something like this?


But thinking about it maybe have in the Settings of the account a way to customise the default sizes and then that is used when presenting the download box. You could just have a edit icon somewhere in the download box which takes you to the account download size preference?

If we ended up with this feature then I would like to see an option added for a Download All Size Package, which will download the 3-4 presented sizes in a zip file?


A-ha, got it. Not sure about 4 pencils, though. Add whatever you want.

Another point: normally, we shouldn’t change this numbers. Instead, we should only use multipliers: 2x, 3x, etc. Thus, maybe we should replace the pixel sizes with 2x, 3x, etc.

In this case, remembering the settings between the icon styles makes more sense.

Anybody else? We have the multi-size download. How flexible should it be?


I have to admit this feature has reduced dramatically for me as I am now using SVG throughout my application so I can generate different sizes images or icons within my application. So I just have a 50px SVG as my base.

But maybe there are others still needing a “suite” of different sizes.


I was thinking about it recently.

We can add this feature, but there’s a harder question: why to use separate files for multiple sizes for SVG? You’re supposed to scale them with CSS and stuff.