Sketch cloud disappeared

Topic says it all.
And I don’t see any mention of this anywhere - what am I missing?

Also “open URL from clipboard” does not seem to do anything (I was hoping it would connect to Sketch Cloud)

Ah. " We are introducing Lunacy Cloud and discontinue the support of Sketch Cloud."
Just like that.

Right, Lunacy doesn’t support Sketch Cloud anymore. Though, we are glad to introduce Lunacy cloud in the latest version :slight_smile: You can check all the features and updates on this page.

We have released Lunacy cloud recently, so it may not be flawless as we are still working on some features. There could be some inaccuracies, and it will be more stable after 2-3 more updates.

If you have your previous projects in Sketch Cloud, you can download them via the Sketch web interface.