Sketch files made on Mac look weird/buggy on Windows 10

Hi team, thanks a lot for this awesome application (discovered recently).

If I open sketch files from a colleague (made and saved on Mac) on my computer (Windows) then the text and icons are wrongly displayed (everything a few lines higher/lower). Please see the screenshot as example, literally each part of this image is has a different position now.

Can you please advise me any kind of solution, Lunacy has been such a relieve for meeting deadlines lately, thanks a lot in advance!


Hello, I am sorry to hear you have encountered some issues with Lunacy. May I ask which version you are currently using?

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Hi Julie thanks for getting back quickly,

-I’ve downloaded the last version. Tried both the Windows10 store app, and desktop app
-Also the font wasn’t available by default, it is ‘Geometria’ . I downloaded and installed these files correctly, 100% sure
-downloaded all last updates .Net, C++
-tested on 3 windows 10 laptops, all the same problem.

If you want I can DM you a part of the file?

Thanks again!

Thank you for the details! If you could share with us a part of the file it would be greatly appreciated.

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have sent you a DM, just to let you know in case it didn’t arrive, first time :slight_smile:

have a good night!

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I just heard back from our developers, they say the reason of this is the fact that Line Height option has a custom setting. All you need to do is delete the number and press Enter.

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thank you so much!!!

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Happy to help :slight_smile: