Snap objects to nearest integer position?

Hello! I’m a new Lunacy user and I’m getting accustomed to it quickly. However, one thing I can’t figure out is how to have Lunacy round sizes to the nearest pixel. I somehow end up with values such as


Often I have to align items to be 16 px away from each other, and these fractional values make is a real pain in the butt. Any suggestions?


Hi there! We are happy to welcome you to the community of Lunacy users :slightly_smiling_face:

Could you please describe your actions that lead to this result, step by step? That would shed some light on the issue.

Sure! I’ve created a little video of the issue:

I think it must be related to the hinting mechanism?

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Thank you for the screencast! What Lunacy version do you use? Could you please update it to v. 8.0?
This issue should disappear in this update.

Thanks! I am running 7.1. I’ll update. :slight_smile: