[solved] Menu bar hidden and bottom of the window offseted

Lunacy version: 9.1
OS version: KDE Neon 5.27 (Ubuntu 22 Based) using Wayland
Tested on .deb and snap version

The menu bar is hidden and the bottom window appears offseted (maybe the same height of menu bar).
To see the menu bar, I have to press F11 to switch Fullscreen.

Thank you for the report!
Could you please attach a screenshot of how it looks?

Sure! but… I change from Wayland to X11 to see if the problem still there, and the problem was gone.
And when I back to Wayland, it was fixed too.
This is not the first time I see this problem (other apps using electron, I don’t know if Lunacy uses Electron) but I think the problem was the Wayland session, and not the Lunacy app.
Sorry for not testing enought, but If another user has the same problem, restarting user session seams to solve the problem.
Thanks for you time and attention. Nice work with Lunacy! congrats!

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