Some fonts are not recognized

Hello lunacy
Some of the one font cannot be recognized. But the fonts are actually already in the system. I have to select the unrecognized text and click on the font list to recognize it.

Can you tell which fonts have that issue? If you could record a screencast it would be great too :+1:

I guess same thing on my side.
It concerns mainly fonts i linked with a symlink (without install them directly).

PS: this method permit me to use the fonts only in user-session needs. It works on UNIX like systems and give a way to not waiting for arround 3GB of fonts files to be loaded on system startup.

I could have them on font-list in Inkscape, Gimp (for exampl). In Lunacy, i couldn’t get them.
EX: To have Google Fonts localy and get a updated ressources, i cloned the github repo in my custom fonts folder (symlinked). So, i just need to make fetch and pull to get it updated.
But to use any GoogleFont on Lunacy, it is not possible to choose my local fonts. When internet not available, i need to re-install the .TTF files of according fonts on the system and restart Lunacy before it found the font in System List. On the screenshots, the specific font “Baloo2” is founded like all other “baloo*” on GoogleFonts in Inkscape.
In Lunacy only the “Baloo Bhai2” i installed directly on the system is found.



Lunacy is checking fonts only during the start of the session. This means that new fonts are becoming available after restarting the app. We did so to minimize non-critical IO operations and to make Lunacy less demanding to users’ hardware.

Let me know if it clears thing up :raised_hands:

Hello Alexey

Thanks for the replying ,understood 。

An other 2 questions…

1, If I switch the input method of a different language while typing (e.g. from English to Japanese or Chinese), the focus will automatically exit and all the keys will become shortcut keys when I type, so I can’t type. Also I can’t enter the input state by double clicking on the text box. I would like to know if I am the only one experiencing this problem,or it designed this way?

2, when I use “Open path” ,It seems to automatically open a random path, I have tried many times whether I select a certain anchor point or not, it will still automatically open a random path, is it possible to provide to let me open the path I specify? For example, if I want to open a path at the bottom but lunacy and open a path on the left.

No problem, I’m glad to help!

We’re already fixing the bug with IME, the updated version should be out pretty soon

You can set your own path by opening it between the start and finish points :+1:

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