Sudden Subscription Needs?

Hey there!
I’ve been using the AI Background Remover – Remove Background From Image for quite a while now, and I’ve always enjoyed it.
Also because it has been free, it’s what had drawn me to this site considering you need to pay for every other AI background remover.

I get that resources and such get more expensive, but I haven’t seen any sort of heads-up when it comes to switching over to a subscription format. I’d pay for it nonetheless if it wasn’t locked behind a creditcard option. Those aren’t all that common outside of the US, and I sincerely hope that it would be expanded on to maybe add in Paypal as well. Since that is a more viable option, but paying 10 dollars a month for a simple AI to be doing the work for 100 images seems a little bit steep, especially considering I was able to do the same thing for free not too long ago either (couldn’t have been more than a week since my last time using it.)

I’d honestly LOVE to see it return to a free format on the site. But I doubt that would happen :frowning:
So I sincerely hope that the prices will change a little bit, and that Paypal would be added as a viable payment option, so I could continue to use the site instead of needing to look for something new.

(PS. You might also want to edit what’s said at the bottom.)

Hi Justin!

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us.

We kept the Background Remover free as long as we could. At first, it was a little imperfect, but we’ve been tweaking and improving our tool in every possible way. As the product is getting more and more popular, serving so many requests requires great server capacities and CPU time that costs a fortune. Our engineers work hard to maintain the AI product, and it’s another investment we have to make.

Now we have to introduce paid features to maintain the product and continue improving it, but we promise to keep it as affordable as possible.

We will also consider adding Paypal as an alternative payment method if there are many requests from our customers.

We really appreciate your loyalty to our product. I will contact you via email to discuss what we can do for you :pray: