Support for Flatpaks (Linux, x86_64 + ARM)

Lunacy version 9.0.4:
OS version: Linux x86_64 & ARM

As Flatpaks have a much better distribution support, and easy integration into Flathub Store, which will guarantee much better availability/popularity of the application across distributions (like Fedora Linux, Arch Linux etc.) ,(and for Lunacy Developers) easy to migrate from, by converting DEB packages almost directly to Flatpak, and with most Linux ARM-based systems already running Flatpak, I believe Flatpak/Flathub support for Lunacy would be amazing for the app, as I do have started to enjoy the application.

I could work in a Flathub Integration if you have a permalink to a TAR-file to the application, or the DEB files itself.


There is a community-made Flatpak version:

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I would assume someone would be able to use this to maybe get it up for ARM64 also. This won’t be Icons8 Supported though would it?

Yes, as per disclaimer: This wrapper is not verified by, affiliated with, or supported by Icons8 LLC.

I tryed the Flatpak version, and it crash after 2 or 3 minutes.

tested on Linux KDE Neon 5.27 Plasma 5.27.5 Wayland

As mentioned in this thread, the flatpak version was made by users, we provide no support for it.

Flatpak looks like becoming a gold standard for linux apps distrubution, and seems will drive snap out of the market. So, please think about also support flatpak package. Flatpak just solves many issues from various linux users here, and also solves “headache” with various bugs ath different distros. And is so more easer to support, as mentioned above developers no needed additional work, they can just convert deb to flatpak package.

i.e. flatpak is same as snap, but better and much more popular. snap is works, but it’s not popular and ubuntu only. Ubuntu at several past years getting worst, lost popularity, and its already not default linux anymore.

By following reasons flatpak just looks the better choice than snap.