SVG 0Ko from sketch files

Hello there, i’m totally new to this tool, and was hoping tu use it to be able to export svgs from some sketch files i have been given for an animation.

I don’t have problems exporting pngs, but it appears that anytime i try to export svgs, they are empty.

Any idea ?

Hello, please confirm, that you do able to properly open the sketch files by themselves and see the contained svgs. Also, if possible, please provide more details on the procedure of how exactly do you attempt to export the svgs. It would be great if you could attach few screenshots.

Hello Sergey, thx for your answer, i have no issue with the sketch files, i can open them in the app.

Then if i select a page and go to the right on export > local files > 1x > PNG, everithing is fine, i got a nice png
If i do the same for svgs, export > local files > 1x > svg, i get a bunch of useless svg files of 0Ko.

Sorry i can’t attach screenshots about that project :frowning:

Im also having this problem. The sketch file was created from version 51.3 of sketch. Im running Lunacy 3.13.

edit: adding some screens!


Hey guys, this bug will be fixed in the upcoming version. If all goes well, we’ll roll it out on the next week!

I am still having this problem with vs from the Windows Store. Can you confirm that? I tried with the portable version and that one seems to work… even though it’s 3.13.0