SVG dimensions wrong on export

I’d like to know if this is intentional behavior or not.

Let’s say I load a SVG into Lunacy that has dimensions 22x30. Now I do some tweaks on that SVG, but I don’t change its dimensions in any way. Now I export that SVG exactly as it is (without making an artboard), and on export, its dimensions are now 23x31 for some reason. Why?

We’ll try to figure out why it is so. Have you applied any effects to the image?

Absolutely nothing. Literally:

  1. Load SVG
  2. Select it in Objects pane
  3. Make exportable and export it as SVG

Thank you for the info! Can you please send the SVG file you’re having this issue with, to

It’s literally any SVG I try!

I see, unfortunately we still weren’t able to reproduce this behavior on our end, can you at least just send any SVG you get the described bug with? Thanks!