SVG Export not accurate (8.0.4)

I have been looking at Lunacy as an alternative to Figma. Not because there is anything wrong with Figma, but because I always like checking out new tech. There are some great features and others that are missing such as auto-layout ( which is great for buttons etc.

The first issue I’ve come across is SVG is applying a fill where there isn’t one.

At first glance it seems to be applying a fill rather than a stoke, but this isn’t the case. It isn’t respecting “inside”, “center” or “outside”. This makes sense as that isn’t a feature in SVG. The other thing I noticed is it’s applying a 4px stroke when only a 2px stroke is applied.

The best solution maybe to outline any stroke that isn’t “center” on export. What do you think?

Hi Tom,

Could you DM me this icon? What versions of Lunacy and OS do you use?