Svg size and line thickness

For our development we are looking for the best thickness of SVGs fitting in our program. We chose a size of 32x32px and a line-thickness of 2px. We use a lot of Icons from the style „material outlined“.

A lot of your svg Icons are „Pixel perfect“ in 24x24, though the Icons are often not available in 32x32.

Is there an easy way ot get the Icons in 32x32px AND „Pixel perfect“?
Thanks for your answer.

Hello Maria,

Each icon style has its own pixel-perfect size. For example, it’s 24x24 px for Android icons, 48x48 px for Color icons, 50x50 px for Windows icons, etc. If you multiply or divide this size by a whole number, the icons will stay pixel perfect.

So if you want to have pixel-perfect icons in 32x32 px, you may choose this style, for instance.

You can check the pixel-perfect size when downloading an icon: