Switch cloud integration & Library functionality broken


Hi Team,
I absolutely love your tool and what you are doing. The only thing that I found lacking was the prototyping support. Digging a little deeper , I found that you actually do have basic prototyping support implemented already (yay! awesome).

But the documentation doesnot reflect this, in fact there is no mention at all. I would love to contribute to this.
I am a Full stack developer and would also love to contribute to the code, if possible. I understand why you want to keep it closed source, but asking to check possibilities.

Prototype preview is still in development, however saw that preview is coming soon with sketch cloud integration in the next release. I signed up to sketch cloud , but the sign in feature doesnot work.

The spinner turns and nothing happens. If I provide wrong credentials, there is an error saying “Check details and try again”. So I know it is at-least validating the credentials. But nothing happens after that.

The library search for “Photos” has the spinner spinning and then returns nothing but some blurred lines. Earlier today, it gave me a no internet connection icon (Cloud with cross mark). Icons return fine. I have attached the image the error.



Hi! Thank you for the detailed description.
The issue with Sketch Cloud was on their side, as their servers stopped responding for some time.
Please, try to sign in again, as their service is reported to be back to its working state.

The issue with photos not being fully loaded is already being worked on and should be fixed asap (we plan to get them working in a day or so). Please, let us know if the issue persists in 2-3 days, we will check it on our end.


Hi Julia,
The sketch cloud issue is still there. It spins and does nothing.

In the long term, do you envision sketch cloud integration to continue working? Do you have an agreement/acceptance from their end ?
Wouldn’t they just mandate a sketch license for using sketch cloud in the future or just close/change their API ?

I am assuming that it is just a reverse engineering of their API and not actually exposed by sketch cloud publicly. Please correct me if I am wrong.


Hi @Julia_K ,
Did you get a chance to look into the issue ?


Hi! Answering to your first message, we don’t use reverse engineering.

The integration exists within the framework of the agreement with Sketch B.V. and fully corresponds with the provided requirements and patterns.
We, on our part, provide Lunacy users with an opportunity to use the Sketch cloud’s functions in full, with all the characteristics the service devs provide us via this integration.

Please note, that:

  1. API is still on a stage of a closed testing, which can lead to the unstable service work (but we haven’t experienced any critical issues with them yet).
  2. Web- and service providers set their limitations due to the coronavirus pandemia, which affects the accessibility and the quality of the services’ work, and the Sketch cloud API is one of them.

In these few days we’ve been dealing with the unavailability of a number of popular resources, that share the same provider with Sketch cloud. If you experience the same issue, but for a long period of time, please try to re-login a few times and send the feedback via “report a problem” option, so we could check the logs on our end.

Thank you for your support of Lunacy and for understanding of the situation!


Really great to hear that you have an agreement with Sketch.That gives a lot of confidence to use the service.

As for these issues, I will revisit them in a couple of weeks time and see if they are fixed. If not, I will share the issue using the report a problem option.

Once again thanks a lot for your time and efforts.


Did you get an opportunit to investigate the issue ?


Do you experience the same issue, but for a long period of time? If so, can you please try to re-login a few times and send the feedback via “report a problem” option, so we could check the logs on our end?
Thank you!