System error on all assets

On, attempting to open any preloader asset for editing gives me this error:

System error. You are either generating too fast or server has thrown an exception. If the error persists, please, contact administrator


I tried on and off a VPN as well as with several browsers (Arc, Chromium, Firefox, DuckDuckGo). Always the same error on every asset.

I tried looking at the network requests in the developer tools and am seeing all 200 statuses, so no indication of any specific call that’s failing. Since I’m not even changing any form elements to generate something custom, it seems like this might actually be a server-level issue as the error mentions.

For reference, I’m on macOS 13.6.2 running an M2 chip.

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Same problem here, the site is broken. Some requests show “access denied” in the response. I think it’s related to some ads service that the site uses.

We’ve fixed this issue! Please, clear your cache and cookies and check if everything is working fine on your side too :raised_hands:

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