Text generate button or text generate menu not showing

Hello everyone,

I installed the latest version of lunacy on Windows 10 and followed the youtube tutorial on how to create a landing page. At some point in that tutorial, the author uses text generate and a text menu that will generate titles or headers, for me they don’t show up in my UI.
I also tried searching the documentation but the docs say I should see a text generate when I select a piece of text. But for me, it’s not working.
Also, i should mention that the shortcut Shift + R works for generating text.

If anyone can guide or explain why this is happening I would appreciate it.

Screenshot of the problem

Hi there,

You need to click the Text tool and then paste a text onto the artboard. There’s also a text generate button in the side menu appearing when you use the Text tool.

Here’s a short video showing this:

Hope this helps!


Thank you @Eugenia,
Your team sent me earlier last week also a video regarding this subject via the Lunacy Application.

Please thank the whole team from me they are amazing.